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This announcement is divided into three phases called A, B and C.

Phase A - Letter of intent by private citizens to grant facades and wall spaces

The owners of private buildings overlooking on the streets Via Ugo La Malfa, Via Pio La Torre, Via Pietro Nenni and Via Alcide De Gasperi can submit a specific letter of intent to grant the facades and/or wall spaces of their own buildings for the realisation of murals, carvings and more.
The owner of the building, with the letter of intent, will take a commitment to grant free use of the building façade. This commitment will be formalised in the later stages with the signature of a specific document. The letter of intent (Attachment 1), duly countersigned, must be sent by registered mail, certified e-mail to or hand delivered to the records office of the Comune di Petrosino, Piazza della Repubblica 91020 (TP) Italy.

The owners of buildings who wish participate in the competition, must send their subscription within 15th May 2016.
All the letters of intent received after the due date, will be included in a specific list available to the local administration throughout the competition and may be used according to the available resources.
The subscription of the letter of intent implies the complete acceptance of the conditions included in this announcement..

Phase B – Participation Requirements for Artists

The competition is open to all artists without any age, sex and nationality limits who have proven experience in the field.
All the received applications will be evaluated by the specific technical committee that will draw up a ranking list for admission and then they will be associated to the letters of intent presented by the owners of the buildings.
The technical committee will be nominated by mayoral decree after the due date for submission of applications.

Requisite documents for participation:

The artists who wish to join the competition must send by mail a sealed envelope with the wording “Domanda di partecipazione al Premio Art’s Oasis 2a Edizione”, within 30th May 2016 at 12:00 a.m. to Comune di Petrosino, Piazza della Repubblica 91020 (TP) Italy or by certified e-mail to with copy to the following email address

The envelope and the e-mail must contain:
1. Application for registration using the form indicated in the competition announcement (Attachment 2); ;
2. Copy of identity card;
3. Updated resume;
4. Artworks portfolio (max 10 images);
5. Articles, reviews, bibliography, etc. (discretionary, max 10).

Phase C – Combinations artist-citizen and artworks realization.

The list of combinations of artist and owner of the building will be published within 30th June 2016 and the artworks must be realised from 15th to 31st July 2016.



A technical committee, composed by outstanding personalities of the Italian artistic and cultural field, will evaluate the letters of intent presented by the owners of the buildings selecting the suitable ones.

Simultaneously the same technical committee will select the artists, drawing up a ranking list of the works admitted to the competition. The technical committee, in the same session or if necessary at a later session, independently and at the incontestable discretion will match the spaces made available by the owners of the buildings with the artists admitted to the competition.

The list of combinations of artist and owner of the building will be published within 30th June 2016.

  • Each combination must be formalised, before work starts, drawing up a specific commitment containing personal data of both the parties, dimensional data of the available spaces, description of the artwork presented by the artist signed by the owner of the building.

  • The commitment will be signed by the performer of the artwork, the owner of the building and the municipal service manager.

  • The artists that the technical committee will admit to the competition, will have access to a reimbursement of € 3000,00 for the realization of the artworks. The 30% of the amount will be received at the beginning of the work and the rest after the final trial performed by municipal technicians. All the expenses necessary for the realization of the artwork, travel expenses and board included, are at the expense of the artist and will be offset in the reimbursement.
  • This public administration will provide accommodation for the artists: 7 days for each artwork during the execution of the competition established from 15th to 31st July 2016.