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Located on the extreme west side of Sicily, along the 10 km of coast between Marsala and Mazara del Vallo, the town of Petrosino with a population of about 7900 inhabitants represents a crucial point for an alternative tourism. A kind of tourism that meets the youth requirements with the rural and maritime traditions and the several sport activities connected to the sea (kitesurf, windsurf) with the tranquillity of Biscione fishing village and the appreciation of the typical “chiani” structure (built up areas “closed” by few access). This area has more vineyards than any of the other cities in Europe and it significantly contributes to the production of sterling wines thanks to the bond between vineyards and sea, between the care of farmers about their land and the “Margi” naturalistic area (special protection area, site of community importance, Ramsar). Petrosino has a rural identity that want to preserve through the focusing on the territory and a suitable territorial marketing.

The area - rich of old “bagli” (rural fortified structures), sighting towers and wineries and covered by vineyards, “margi”, sandy beaches and rocky shores– still has an unstated huge development potential. Petrosino is located in a strategic position between two big urban centres, it is easily reachable because located just few kilometres both from the A29 highway Mazara del Vallo – Palermo both from the “Vincenzo Florio” Birgi airport.

Thanks to a scrupulous and forward‑looking administration, Petrosino has undertaken a renewal path that is transforming the town in a real political, cultural and economic laboratory. Petrosino is nowadays one of the most virtuous municipalities in the Province of Trapani thanks to its focus on main strengths as the preservation of landscape and environment and the fight against constructions in breach of planning control. Moreover, they care for citizen services, technological innovation, projects of excellence for the waste collection and for social services aimed at improving living conditions of needy people, offering them the opportunity to work in socially useful projects. All these strengths, added to the huge development potentialities in the tourism sector and the creation of an organic district aimed at enhancing the agriculture (leading sector of the local economy), launch Petrosino to Europe with the concrete opportunity to attract not only local investments, but also foreign ones. The town can also count on several youth cultural associations that actively contribute to the change guided by the administration.

Transformation and legality interpreted as social emancipation towards the Mafioso system that has headed Sicily until now. The most incisive tool that the citizenry has against Mafia is the culture, because it establishes coalitions of citizens to fight that old rotten system through the formalisation of beauty and the sharing of ideas and knowledge. The citizenry has the opportunity to choose the artworks that will be realized in order to be actively involved in the process of change.

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